8 Workout Wonders With The Weighted Vest

In the world of health and fitness where advancements and realizations come left and right, it’s of no surprise that new items are coming up and making their way to local stores and even online for the world to benefit. Weightlifting has always been a popular form of exercise among the men and even the women. Dumbbells and barbells are among the most popular equipment, but with the advancing world, anything is possible.

Introducing weighted clothing. It adds weight to various parts of the body, usually as part of resistance training. The impact is achieved through attaching weighted pieces to the body which leaves the hands free to grasp objects. It leaves users more able to do a variety of movements and even manual labor. As aforementioned, weighted clothing adds resistance during ballistic changes due to the force needed to overcome the inertia of heavier masses as well as a greater momentum that needs deceleration at the end of the movement to avoid injury.

There are weighted clothes for all parts of the body but the most common of which is the weighted vest.

Check out the benefits of using a weighted vest:

Overload effect. Using a weighted vest during sprinting or speed drills require the lower body’s muscles to generate more force which could lead to an increase in strength and power and faster acceleration during running.

Fat elimination. One goal of the exercise is weight loss and fat elimination. The same goes for weighted clothing, especially weighted vests. They simulate the fat storage areas of the human body.

Balance. Weighted clothing provides additional weight to limb-centric movement. It is the reliable, most natural means of simulating added body mass without unbalancing the body’s muscles.

Weighted clothing has even been used therapeutically for children with autism and other developmental disabilities through sensory integration therapy. The behavioral problems such as inattentiveness and stereotypy are due to over- or under-sensitivity to sensory input and that weighted clothing provides proprioceptive feedback that has a calming effect. Studies are continuously being done.

Vests are among one of the versatile clothing in the world. Fashion-wise, it can add a little pop to any drab outfit but fitness-wise, it reaps a lot of benefits as do any exercise regimen. Always keep in mind that exercise and fitness should remain a priority in everyone’s lives as it not only reduces fat and weight but it also impacts the overall sense of well-being in a person.


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