4 Toilet Paper Holder drop-off the wall

Do you have one thing in your home that has been broken for as long as you’ll remember?  Well, that was my tissue paper holder.  My home is solely nine years old; things mustn’t be falling apart, but singing fails.  My partner has been bugging Maine to repair it on the day we tend to move. But it took beginning this website to search out time to repair it.


Here is a list of tools I used throughout this project:

  • Square bit within the drill for the 2” screws
  • Small finishing hammer
  • Square bit screwdriver
  • Dead screwdriver
  • ¼” drilling bit

So let’s jump right into it. Let me show you ways dangerous this was. This article shows the TP holder before and when the repair.

This was put in completely wrong. Simply to use it we tend to had to tug real light to grip the roll from detachment. The matter was that once it had been installed, they only used two drywall anchors rather than using the right hardware. A part of the difficulty is that the left section is directly ahead of a stud; therefore, the anchor didn’t work right.

The opposite two screws were simply screwed directly into the drywall. The drywall element around each anchor has been crushed free and is prepared to fall right out.

Now that I even have completed the disassembly will better perceive the harm and anchoring needs I can get the proper hardware.  Here is that the repair arrange. Because these sections and screws are invisible, and since it might be a whole waste of your time, I’m not getting to take the time to adjust the drywall.

I found that the left section is immediately ahead of a stud thus I’m getting to use longer screws to achieve the studs. I’ll use a toggle nut and a regular drywall hook and screw for the proper sections.

If the people who did the first install had simply taken a couple of minutes to try and do it right the primary time, I would don’t have anything to blog regarding.


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