6 Simple Guidance For You In Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Due to containing drugs and chemicals that are poisonous to those who they are not meant for or that can be harmful when used improperly, the bathroom medicine cabinet is regarded as a hazardous place. Another shouldn’t use medication that’s for one person, and chemicals in even innocent hair care products shouldn’t be ingested.

Young children might be at risk because prescriptions of medicine look like candy and spray bottles look like toys. As a parent, the best way to keep these dangers at bay is to turn your medicine cabinet into a fortress and keep track of everything that comes and goes.

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Keep it locked

If your medicine cabinet isn’t locked, consider getting a new one or putting a childproof lock on it. If your kids can defeat a childproof lock, get a lock with a key and keep the key with you at all times. Teens stealing and experimenting with prescription drugs is a deadly experience that no one desires.

Examine the labels

Medication that has expired and becomes less effective, which can be dangerous. Over-the-counter medications have expiration dates that should be checked regularly.

Get rid of expired medications

Don’t keep expired medicines over-the-counter drugs. The old rule about flushing them down the toilet is still an effective method of disposal, but some are concerned about the environmental impact this may have. If you don’t want to flush your old pills, mix them with coffee grounds, garbage or cat litter to discourage children and pets from getting at them. Rinse prescription bottles thoroughly before throwing them away.

Get rid of mercury

Mercury thermometers are dangerous both to people and the environment. Get a digital thermometer to take temperatures. If you have old mercury thermometers around, it’s time to dispose of them. You can’t just throw items with mercury in the trash, so check with your local authorities to learn about proper disposal to save environment and persons’ lives.

Store medication elsewhere

The humid environment of the medicine cabinet is not perfect for some medicines. Consider putting them on in a locked bedroom drawer instead.

Know the dangers of other products

Keep in mind that hair care products, shaving cream, bath gels, and lotions can be harmful if ingested or inhaled. Many of these products smell appetizing to kids but would be poisonous if swallowed. Keep them locked away or far out of reach and always supervise your child in the bathroom.


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