10 How to Clean Paint Off Your Paintball Mask

I have beforehand shown you how to clean your paintball mask when you’re back home and done playing for the day. Be that as it may, today, I need to walk you through how to rapidly clean your mask when you just got hit with some paint and needed to hustle just a bit and prepare it for the following game.

Suppose you just got hit with some paint and it’s concealing a decent piece of your lens. What precisely do you have to do to get it cleaned (rapidly) so you can get back on the field when the following game begins?

There’s extremely just a single zone of the mask you have to get perfect again when you’re still amidst a series of games for the day: the lens. You can stress over getting the various paint off the mask later. Spotlight on the lens because you will likely get it pleasant and clean again so your view won’t be impeded when playing.

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Stage 1: Use Your Hand As A Squeegee

The main thing you need to do is wipe off as a significant part of the paint off as you can by basically utilizing the palm of your hand. Envision your hand is a squeegee-like you use to wash your auto’s windshield at the service station and make 1 or 2 goes through the viewpoint to expel as much paint as you can. A microfiber cloth functions admirably as well, yet your hand is a shockingly decent squeegee to wipe off abundance paint on the lens.

Kindly don’t utilize anything like paper towels, your shirt sleeve, a rec center towel or whatever else other than the palm of your hand or a microfiber cloth. The reason you shouldn’t utilize any of those items is that they are a lot, so there’s a considerably higher shot of incidentally scratching the lens. Both the palm of your hand as well as microfiber cloths are delicate and smooth, so neither should leave any scratches if you’re cautious.

Keep in mind, all you are attempting to do now is expel as a significant part of the overabundance paint as you can without scratching the lens. You’re not attempting to wipe everything off or influence it to resemble another lens. After you squeegee with your hand, there’s as yet going to be some paint on the lens, and that is fine since you’re not done yet.

Stage 2: Wipe The Lens Clean Using Lens Cleaner And A Fresh Microfiber Cloth

Presently the time has come to get that lens decent and clean and put the completing addresses it.

Take out your lens cleaner spray you keep in your equipment sack and spray a couple of squirts of it precisely on the lens. At that point deliberately wipe the lens clean with a new microfiber cloth. If you completed a better than average occupation utilizing your hand as a squeegee in stage 1, you might have the capacity to get everything off and have a spotless lens after your first round of spray. In any case, if not, re-apply somewhat more lens cleaner and wipe it down once again with another clean microfiber cloth.

If you utilized a microfiber towel for stage 1, it’s alright to utilize a similar cloth once more. Be that as it may, it should be sufficiently expansive with the goal that none of the paint you just wiped off will get back on the lens. If it’s too little to utilize a different and clean are on it, utilize another cloth.

You can purchase a pack of 8 microfiber cloths for around $10, so we prescribe simply keeping a pack in your paintball equip sack. They are launderable, reusable and are the main thing you should utilize while wiping down your lens, so they are justified even despite the little venture.

Additionally, don’t utilize any lens cleaner or anti-fog sprays that are not made specifically for full head paintball mask lens. Some paintball fields will have things like Windex, glass cleaner or some other sort of general universally handy spray accessible for utilizing. In any case, these all contain substantially more rough chemicals in them that could harm and break down your lens so don’t use them.


Stage 3: Inspect The Lens For Any Damage

Once your lens is pleasant and clean, you have to review it again to ensure it’s as yet safe to utilize. If whenever you see a split or crack in the lens while cleaning it in stages 1 or 2, you can quit cleaning it since it should be disposed of and supplanted.

Be that as it may, at times paint will conceal any harm to the lens, so we hold up until the conclusion to give it a better than average review. Also, as an update, if you endure an immediate shot to the lens from inside around 30 or 40 feet, simply ahead and supplant the lens. Regardless of whether there’s no noticeable harm.

An immediate hit from that nearby can truly debilitate the lens, and there’s no compelling reason to take any risks. It sucks tossing a lens and supplanting it, yet it’s superior to anything the lens not holding up to another immediate hit and along these lines getting harmed.

So if you get hit on the mask with some paint amid a game, however, are not precisely done playing for the day, recollect: precisely clean the lens without scratching it, and you’ll be back on the field in the blink of an eye.


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